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In 2016, Japan welcomed approximately 24 million visitors from abroad. This is roughly three times more than that of 2011.
In Tokyo, locale people are a bit surprised that there are so many visitors taking selfies at Shibuya crossing, which was thought to be a simple, ordinary crossing. At the same time, it’s pure happiness for them to see people from other countries interested in Japanese towns and cities.
Also, the food is becoming popular worldwide.
There are long queues at some “famous” Sushi, Ramen…restaurants. Yet, we must say there are a lot more great shops though they are not yet talked about. Mainly due to the language difference, many great restaurants are hidden from English information sources, enjoyed only by the locals.
We are here to help you find those nice and yet-undiscovered restaurants and bridges you and shop by bilingual online reservation system. You book in English and they receive it in Japanese. No hassle of hiring someone to make a phone call.
Why wouldn’t you want to try find a local gem yourself, and take back a fun and tasty memory home.

Melon or Wagashi?

Ever been treated to a full-course Japanese dinner at a posh restaurant, only to be mildly disappointed at the end by being served melon as dessert? Where’s the pudding, where’s the famous WAGASHI, or Japanese sweets, you think. Well, that was my thought after my...

Your travel companion, EKIBEN

If you have ever traveled through Japan using a public transportation system, you know how remarkable our system is. It is clean, fast, comfortable and most of all, punctual. When you travel by car, you have the freedom to stop anytime you wish to rest or to eat...

Kushiage Restaurant “Han-Tei”

Location Going down Zenkouji-Zaka slant on Kototoi Street from Ueno Hill, we can reach Nezu-intersection where Kototoi-Street crosses with Shinobazu-Street. Turing the crossing to left, we can soon come to an old 2 story-wooden building with large and black louvers on...

Jidori Chickens

Jidori Chickens – The National Pride Translating as “chicken from the local ground”, Jidori chickens are far more succulent, firm in texture and expensive than the affordable commercial broiler chickens. Unlike Kobe Beef that is exclusively from Kobe, there are...

Dashi and Umami – The Secret of Umami

Dashi and Umami - There’s Something Fishy, But It Tastes So Good What would you count as the ultimate soul food of Japan? A simple combination of miso soup and rice? A bowl of soba or udon noodles with tsuyu broth? How about a hot and piping nabe (hot pot) or a hearty...